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Announcement: This is not Goodbye

Hello, guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my posts. Unfortunately, I have to take off my blog activity about beauty as I have another primary concern regarding to writing. Besides, I decided to continue my master degree which will cost so much time (I almost regretted my decision). Well, I've already started it, no way to turn back.

Don't worry about blog-post existence, it will always appear on net. I don't have any intention to shut my blog down. You can always read my review post anytime and I will continue to support this blog. This post only tells you if someday you wonder why the monthly blog-post is fewer than before. I usually post four to five writing per month, but now maybe it will be less than that. I'm lucky if I could write one or two posts in a month.

So, this is not a goodbye. Thank you so much for your visits and comments. It means a lot.

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Cindyartha Aprilia Monalusi mengatakan...

Aaaaa Mba Rahma, goodluck for your master degree.
I'll see you soon on blog! Gbu

Rahma mengatakan...

Thank you so much , cindy <3 :')