Hi there! Rahma is here...
I've been blogging since high school for school assignment and for fun. Since graduating in December 2015, I started writing about make-up review and travel. I'm not good at art or any thing related to it, including make-up. I just love to try colorful cosmetics.

It always feels good when I share opinion of products I've tried. Which one is good, which one is over priced and bla bla bla. Sometimes, my friends and I discuss about this girly stuff without even knowing how to put them on, yet it's still fun. I hope you find my blog fun to read and share opinion.

Say hi and feel free to ask via mail rahma.anan@hotmail.com

I had no idea that blog could bring some gold. We can do some collabs 😝
  1. Product Review
  2. Article Placement
  3. Giveaway
Mostly, I get beauty product review but I open to any theme for article placement. Feel free to ask any thing by mail rahma.anan@hotmail.com.


twitter : @AnanRahma 
instagram : @ananrahma

Thank you for visiting my blog :)

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  1. kak, dulu kakak buat blognya dimana? aku suka tampilan blog kakak

    1. ini pakai blogspot. Untuk tema/desain blognya aku desain sendiri pakai custom CSS :)

      thanks for visiting.