Perfect Diary Loose Powder Review in English

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

I want to review this product briefly. It is a loose powder from Perfect Diay, PerfectStay Loose Powder. It's not so familiar here but you can easily find their producst on marketplaces such as Shopee or Tokopedia. 

I have found so many articles saying that this Chinese brand is growing rapidly both in and outside the country. Here what I can recall. 

Perfect Diary is a Chinese cosmetic brand established in 2017. Still fresh, but these past three years, they have sold massive products and gained popularity as they are affordable and woth it to try. 

I checked Shopee and they've already sold 4K products. You check it here link ini.

What comes to my mind when I saw the packages was luxury, "wow". Honestly, the box is too big for just a powder. It makes me wonder what's inside. Better not to make me disappointed :') Yeah, apparently if you order full package you will find a powder, puff, and brush inside. It explains the box size. Amazing. 

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

How come this luxury and gorgeous product is under IDR 150K? Well, Perfect Diary is a direct-to-consumer company so they sell their products directly to the consumers online. It really saves the money for marketing.

If you want to know them better, please check their social media here Perfect Diary Cosmetics (@perfectdiaryofficial) • Instagram photos and videos.


Perfect Diary loose powder comes with five shades: 01. Translucent, 02 Fair skin tone, 03 Natural, 04 Medium beige, dan 05 Golden beige. I sorted them from the lightest to darkest color in the picture below. 

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

I swatched them on my skin. Surprisingly, all of them looks just white, have same shade. They are well blended on my skin. Sooo well even I can't distinguish one shade from another :') 

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

Though, you will still find slight difference between shade no 4-5 and the rest. They both have warmer finishing on your looks. They are good for darker skin color. 


Perfect Diary loose powder is so smooth and super light. It also makes our skin smoother. This texture is not sticky and helps us in warm weather. What I dislike is that it is easily blown away like dust 😂

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

This powder is really useful as finishing powder after using heavy foundation. A light loose powder is a solution for cakey makeup. For me, I use this daily to get rid of oil excess but still make my looks natural. 

Tahan minyak berlebih

They claim this powder will last for 12 hours. It's kinda exaggerated. I don't wear for that long. Only 4 hours and stay at home 😅 I also have dry skin, oily on t-zone only, so it's difficult for me to prove their claims.

While wearing for 4 hours, I didn't feel any significant changes. No excess oil found. 

Btw, this is swatches of all shades on my skin. You can't tell the differences much, right? 

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

I didn't wear foundation. Only moisturizer and the powder. Good to know that it's not fully matte powder. 


Yes, as you can see the finishing is still velvet that keeps fresh looks. This powder should blur and minimize some wrinkles as they claim. I don't know. I don't have any. 

Definitely, this won't fully cover the wrinkles and dark spot. Light texture is used only at the final phase of makeup.

Is perfect diary loose powder halal?

As this brand comes from outside, some people might concern about halal. If you check their account on shopee Perfect Diary you'll find that this product is labeled halal from IFRC (islamic food research centre), Hongkong. This is the halal certificate they published. 

Perfect Diary Halal


  • Luxury package
  • Affordable price
  • Smooth and light texture 
  • Smoothen our skin
  • Easily blended
  • Velvet matte finishing 
  • Cover oil excess for a while
  • Only blurs wrinkles 
  • No full coverage for dark spot

Perfect Diary Loose Powder helps creating natural look and defending our skin from oil excess, even for a while. You can wear this as daily make up basis or combine them with high coverage foundation. 

Perfect Diary Loose Powder

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