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Plus Size Waist Trainer for Daily and Active Works

Waist trainers are popular among women to help get a slimmer and shaped body instantly. They might not give a permanent result, but certainly very useful for enhancing our looks in special moments without having to do much exercises. 

This type of shape wears has been suggested for at least 8-10 hours use a day. Along with diet and exercise, it may give impression of hourglass bodies. But, of course we need to be careful to choose types of waist trainers for exercises. Stay healthy!

I came across a website, Shapellx, and find a recommendation of plus size waist trainer. It is PowerConceal™ Mesh Body Contouring that became my 'love' in the first sight. I immediately love this shape wear because of its simplicity. It is plain, yes! and available in three colors to choose, black, beige, and coffee. This trainer will be comfortable for daily activities. 

plus size waist trainer
plus size waist trainer
PowerConceal™ Mesh Body Contouring focuses on compressing the midsection, your tummy and buttocks. Shaping the body into hourglass without hassles as it provides anti slip silicon strips to get the trainer in fixed position. It is also made from 84% nylon that they claim to be flexible and breathable. 

If you are not the one with "simplicity", there are more best waist trainer lists on Shapellx. Take a look at this sporty NeoSweat® 3-In-1 Thermo Active Fat Burner with Arm Trimmers. Well, I thought waist trainers were supposed to be worn during party not exercises, but Shapellx has NeoSweat® to accompany you doing workout.

best waist trainer
best waist trainer

This trainer not only compresses the midsection but also other parts of the body where fats mostly stay such as upper arms and thighs. It says the trainer will help you burn the fats faster! To support your active works they use 100% Neoprene for the inter layer, and 100% Polyester for the outer layer.

By the way, I'm new to this trainer stuff, so I'm always wondering how those people with trainers do the thing in the bathroom. I got the answer now haha Fortunately, Shapellx trainers have bottom gusset or zipper crotch to avoid inconvenience doing bathroom things. 

Last but not least, I found some waist trainer before and after. It is very important to see these before and after pictures before purchasing. You can go to the page for details review or product specification. I'm highlighting some details here.
waist trainer before and after
Before-after on the page shows me "time and effort". Some of previous users do not want only an instant result. They use these trainers to shape and help them burn some calories to get a permanent result.

waist trainer before and after
These ladies have made good progress with regular workout and trainer use. You could see firm tummy and buttocks. So, if you want to get a slimmer, healthier hourglass body, you might want to get one of these trainer in your closet.

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