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Shape Body and Buttock Instantly

Shapewear is newer and more modern form of corsets to shape our body instantly. Its advanced design allows it to focus on not only shaping the tummy but also the other body features such as lifting breasts and buttocks. Regular use of shapewear might help us build a proporsional body silhouette from top to bottom.

Shapewear is typically made of nylon and spandex. It has silky texture that glides smoothly on the skin. Although it doesn't help the skin to breathe, it is more beneficial to wear in colder weather to trap some heat in the body.

We should not be worried wearing this kind of shapewear in hotter weather too. Shapewear is mainly worn during special occasions that last for few hours such as wedding or party. It won't be bothersome when air conditioner is available. 

There are a lot of shapewear types. However, full body and buttock lifter types are mostly worn to get hourglass body. Let's take a look at these shapewears.

I found some information from Lover-Beauty website about Full body shapewear like this one in the picture. It focuses on upper part, tummy, thigh, and buttock. It is designed to help us lose some weight. Shapewear like this also helps a new mommy to recover her body shape. 

In the picture below is Skin Color Wide Straps Crotchless Full Bodyshaper Hooks For Weight Loss.


Other features of Lover-Beauty full body lifter shapewear:

1. Crotch opening design as bathroom access;

2. Adjustable hook to fit the body;

3. Always neat and comfortable with dropping glue design at legs opening prevent rolling up;

4. Another hook on the shoulder to fit the body;

5. High elastic removable bra with straps.

The features that this full body shapewear offer personal customization. We can adjust the shapewear to the body as we want to. The user is the one who get control.

The second type is butt lifter shapewear. It can be found on Lover-Beauty butt lifter section. Unlike the full body one, butt lifter, as the name suggested, focusses on buttocks. High waist type might also cover tummy but the main focus still buttock part.

Butt lifter shapewear is usually similar to daily panties. It is very practical so it doesn't need crotch opening. In the picture is Deep Nude Butt Lifter With Front Zipper Lace Trim Smooth Abdomen.

Some features worth to highlight in butt lifter shapewear from Love Beauty:

1. Always neat and comfortable with 4 steel bones on the waist to prevent rolling;

2. Comfortable foot opening with drop glue design to prevent curling;

3. Zipper with eye-hooks for easy to wear;

4. Butt lifting design enhances your natural shape.

I hope this article helps you find the best shapewear for you.

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