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My First Day After a Long Holiday


First day after holidays

Happy New Year 2023 to all of you! I hope you all are blessed with another good year ahead. My 2022 was amazing. In 2022, I achieved most of my main goals and got a lot of lessons to be a better person. I've set some goals and expect this year will be amazing too. Just trying to keep the positive vibes of holiday going on.

The vibe after holiday usually changes drastically from optimistic to pessimistic, happy to sad, motivated to depressed in only one day. During the holiday, we think we will do this and that, improve this and that and create something positive. The first day of work comes and people realize that changing old habit is not easy as they thought. Then our mood is falling down in just a day.

It was my first day of work after holiday. Surprisingly, the drastic change was not happening to me. Since morning, things had been great. I woke up a bit late. Did an unfinished writing before breakfast. So, I had a quite busy morning. When I was about to leave, I had a flat tire. It was supposed to affect my teaching mood, but it didn't. I just kept calm and told myself, "don't worry. It is okay to be late sometimes. It doesn't happen every day. You just need to apologize to the student and boss - if he is around anyway."

I left home late so I arrived at work 12 minutes late. The student was already in the class, but he didn't mind about me being late. I taught like usual, nothing fresh or new. It was also 1-hour session, as usual. The class ended and the student left. Yeah, nothing special.

After class, I chatted with co-workers who have been so friendly. They always boost my mood and keep the conversation funny and interesting. In the middle of conversation, there was suddenly a courier delivering a package of bread. I thought someone had ordered some food, but when one of my friends received the package they said it was for me, "what? I didn't order anything." the courier told the name of the sender and it was my student. I was so grateful, "Dear God, what have I done today to get this gift?"

As a teacher sometimes we receive a gift from students. I don't work at school, but in a language center. We just provide explanation about their problem during learning processes and some advice to make their learning better. No score, just explanation. So, when students give me a gift, it means that they find my advice valuable and worthy. I feel like a helpful teacher. A very good start at work.

I have received gifts from students a few times and they were all very kind and highly motivated students. Love their vibes so much! Hope I get this mood every single day at work.

Just when I thought my first day was perfect, life became a b*tch. my boyfriend told me that his gallstone was attacking again in the evening. My mom and aunt experienced the same thing few years ago, so I understand how painful it is. I was so sad that I couldn't do anything, only cheering him up. He didn't give me much update as he focused on the treatment in the hospital. I hope he gets surgery soon.

What make me more sad was thinking about how her mom would react, hearing his son in pain. He is such a mom's boy. Last time I saw her mom she even cried when she was talking about how good her son was to her. I could see that she loved her youngest boy very very very much. We are in different cities and I just know how her mom is feeling now. Helpless.

I had some health problems too during the last quarter of 2022. It was not severe or life-threatening, but very annoying because I feel the pain every day. The source of health problems here is going down to dietary. It's about what we eat and drink. This year, I decided to start eating more vegetables, more fruits and less carbo. It's been two weeks and I don't feel the pain anymore. Being healthier is definitely in my list this year!

So, how was your first day after holidays?

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