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How to Choose Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

When shopping for shapewear, it is important to ask yourself a few questions so that you can buy the right shapewear.

1. How much control do I need?
2. What is my body type?
3. Where do I want to boost?

Once you have the answer to the above questions, you can start choosing your shapewear. With all these information, you can avoid any mistakes buying the wrong shapewear and instead, can invest in the best shapewear pieces such as tummy control bodysuit, mid-thigh shaping shorts and shaping panties to showcase your figure.

How much control do I need?

Firstly, it is important to decide the level of control you will need. There are several levels of control available and they are as follows:-

Light control - Light control shapewear is ideal for smoothing out small imperfections. These shapewear are available to help smooth out areas that need some control and comfortable enough to be worn all day or all night.

Medium control - If you are looking to enhance and contour your curves, then medium control shapewear is what you need. ideal. Made with stretchy fabric that will hug in all the right places, these control pieces can still be worn for extended hours and yet feel comfortable.

Firm control - Shapewear that offers firm control are the most powerful shaping garments. They will create dramatic shaping on the body and is best reserved for special occasions like weddings, proms or galas.

What Is Your Body Type?

There are five main body types and which type you belong you will be a good indication of the body shapers that work best for you.

Hourglass - If your body type is hourglass, you are very lucky. This is the ideal body type and the envy of many. This curvy body shape has a slimmer waist with hips and shoulders of the same width. The shapewear you need is one that can lift your bust, emphasize your slim waist and smooth the hips and thighs. The type of shapewear you need are high waisted shaping briefs and body shaping camis.


Best shapewear

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Apple - For apple body shape, it means that you carry the weight around the midsection. Your hips and shoulders are narrow and you are busty. If the tummy is giving you a hard time finding clothes, then you need the best shapewear for tummy and waist such as high waisted shaping panties and full bodysuits.

Best shapewear

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Rectangle - For rectangle body type, you have a straight shape from the top to the bottom. This means that your shoulders and hips are of the same width, you have small bust and undefined waist. Like the apple body shape, you would need to define your waist and also boost your bustline. The perfect shapewear will be the ones that can create shape on your hips and derriere. Butt lifter shapewear, high waisted control panties and waist cinchers are a great investment.


Best shapewear

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Pear - If you have slim shoulder, small bust, defined waist but carry weight around the hip and thighs, then you have the pear shape body. It is important to find shapewear that will create balance and optimize your shape like mid-thigh shaping shorts.

Best shapewear

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Strawberry - A strawberry body shape is the opposite of a pear body shape. You have broad shoulder, large bust, slimmer waist, narrow hips and a flat bust. Shape enhancing body shapers like open bust bodysuits, camis and butt lifting shorts are great investment.

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Melewati Masa Akhir Pascasarjana Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris UPI

Pengalaman s2

Saya sempat menulis sebuah artikel di tahun 2017 tentang pengalaman awal masuk kuliah S2 di UPI. Nah, sekarang saya ingin menceritakan masa-masa akhir sebagai mahasiswa pascasarjana. Beberapa tahap pada masa akhir pascasarjana adalah: ujian komprehensif/kualifikasi (UK), seminar proposal, masa bimbingan, sidang 1, dan sidang 2.

Hp Samsung Mati Kehabisan Baterai

Tulisan ini dibuat untuk membantu teman-teman yang mengalami HP Samsung Mati Karena Kehabisan Baterai. Hal ini terjadi sebanyak dua kali pada HP Samsung ibu saya yang mati karena lupa dicharge. Pada kejadian pertama, hp bisa langsung dicharge dan dihidupkan kembali. Kejadian kedua agak lain karena HP tidak hidup kembali setelah dicharge bahkan saat dicharge sekalipun.

Cara yang saya lakukan untuk menghidupkan HP Samsung Mati Kehabisan Baterai adalah sebagai berikut:

1. Pertama charge HP samsung sekitar 30 menit hingga 1 jam.

2. Sambil dicharge, tekan tombol power + volume up + volume down secara bersamaan selama 30 - 60 detik. Dicoba dulu selama 30 detik, apabila tidak ada perubahan lanjutkan hingga 60 detik atau hingga muncul tampilan Android. 

Hp samsung mati kehabisan baterai

3. Kombinasi tombol tersebut akan memunculkan Android Recovery Mode. Kemudian pilih Reboot system now. Untuk menggerakan pillihan, gunakan tombol volume atas dan bawah. Untuk memilih pilihan, gunakan tombol power.

4. Setelah memilih Reboot System Now, tunggu HP menyala kembali. Mungkin akan membutuhkan waktu agak lama untuk masuk ke tampilan Home.

Cara itu berhasil menyalakan HP Samsung yang mati karena kehabisan baterai. Apabila cara ini tidak berhasil, silakan lanjutkan pemeriksaan ke service centre terdekat. 

Semoga bermanfaat.